The restaurant

Born and created by a group of Italian friends, Vicolo39 brings to life the quintessential Italian art of enjoying life with refined simplicity, starting from the simplest of needs: food.
Vicolo39 is more than just a place, it is an idea, an experience, and a passion. At Vicolo39 we wish to express our joy in the food we prepare which is good, simple and authentic. Good, because good food leads to moments of true happiness. Simple, because we believe that the art of simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. Authentic, because we are focused on sourcing the finest Italian and local ingredients, helping bring to life authentic and sublime Italian flavours.

Vicolo39 strives for excellence in every ingredient, by finding the products of highest quality, the “alti cibi” that make up the best of Italian gastronomy: from the famous pasta di grano duro Gragnano to the fine 24 months aged Parmigiano Reggiano to the Robiola cheese of Rocca Verrano to the capers of Pantelleria, from the ham of Cinta Senese to the extra virgin olive oil from the hills of the Pontine Marshes.

The ingredients are masterfully transformed in loving preparations, informed and inspired by traditional Italian cooking; requiring attention, care and dedication without any concession to the hurried rhythms of modern life.
At the same time the dishes all have an innovative twist, re-inventing tradition and giving each dish a unique and contemporary identity.
Vicolo39 was created to promote the art of good living and to share the pleasure of conviviality, because good food brings people together and frees us to marvel at the joy of life.